Affordable Care Act Transition Fee

I have employer group insurance. I found this out today.

ยท Affordable Care Act Transition Reinsurance Fee (payable to the Department of Health and Human Services). This new fee will apply to all employees and their dependents who will be enrolled in medical coverage. The fee applies for 2014, 2015 and 2016, although it reduces in subsequent years. The fees are::
o Employee-Only coverage = $2.30/paycheck
o Employee+Spouse/Domestic Partner coverage = $4.60/paycheck
o Employee+Child(ren) coverage = $6.24/paycheck
o Employee+Family coverage = $9.43/paycheck

My new fee/tax/robbery is $245.18 a year due to ACA.

Obamacare Impacts:

Premium Before Obamacare:

Premium After Obamacare: