Increase is not reasonable, forced to have certain coverages

As a young middle class worker with family I’m sick to my stomach just from the extra costs we are being forced into, to provide my family with health insurance. I’m 36 years old, married have 18 year old in college and 2 young kids at home. I get a letter in the mail from my health insurance provider that my premium doubled, that’s over a $700 increase just to have health insurance. I’m looking at that increase as money I was hoping to put towards my sons college expense, but now am faced to figure out how to pay for college and health coverage. I’m finding out because of Obama-care that I won’t be able to have a health coverage that is customized for me and my family, but forced into options we don’t need and am wasting our money on. Through the past 10 years and already rising health costs our premiums and deductibles rose to the point our deductible was $7500 per person. Just last year, with over a $500 premium and High Deductible, we had a incident in our family that required us to spend $15000 to meet our deductible let alone the $6000 premium cost for one year. Realizing fast that high deductible may not work best for us, we opted for a higher premium, lower deductible at $3500 for $710 a month. Now having to pay for the uninsured so they can be insured, paying for medical options we don’t need, and providing the needs of my own family it is going to cost me alone $16,800 and that doesn’t include our deductible or other medical costs, just to say we have health coverage! As I won’t have money left over after my paycheck, how will our economy ever get stimulated in the right places?

Saddened American!

Obamacare Impacts: , ,

Premium Before Obamacare: 710.00

Premium After Obamacare: 1420.00