Lower income harmed the most

This is not mine, but my daughter’s story. She is a single mother of twins that is in a just above minimum wage job that has a brighter future than her years of restaurant work. She gets a small amount of state aid and a smaller still amount of child support that is now almost non-existent due to the new laws.
It’s illegal in Tennessee for anyone to pay more than 65% of their income in child support so my granddaughter’s father (who works a low paying restaurant job, but a higher than 50 employee national chain) is now only paying $20 a week due to the premiums he is now required to purchase due to the new law. He is left with very little personally after paying the premiums (his company HAS to have insurance available) and his child support, so he is now couch surfing.
How does this help the people that get up every day and work? My fear (and hers) is that he will now quit working entirely which will eliminate even that $20 a week she is grateful to get because he will figure out that not working is more lucrative than trying….

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