My doctor retires early rather than practice under Obamacare

I have a non malignant tumor in my brain cage, on the pituatary. My primary physician referred me to an accomplished and skilled MD specializing in endocrinology, who has helped me to shrink the tumor with meds and some
alterations in the contents of my diet. I have visited him twice annually for the last six years.

In mid September I visited him for an examination. He conducted some tests, then reviewed the results and he recommended some things I should do. We spoke of his childhood and life. He is the son of Mexican laborers who came from Texas to Minnesota to work in the beet fields in summer. His father was hired by a farmer as a year round farmhand, and the farmer helped his father and mother become U.S. citizens.
My doctor, as a boy, went through elementary and high school in Minnesota and worked at jobs, saving money for college, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology. He got a scholarship for medical school, and upon completion of med school, did a residency at a Harvard affiliated hospital.
When he was board certified in endocrinology he returned to Minnesota.

He told me that when I returned in six months for an exam, I would be seeing a different doctor, as he was retiring before this year’s end . He is only 57.
I asked him what he would do in retirement, and he said he was going to practice medicine with an international group of doctors who provide help to impoverished people in third world nations. HE SAID THAT HE COULD NOT CONTINUE TO PRACTICE MEDICINE IN THE USA UNDER OBAMACARE.

His son is a doctor also, another son an attorney, and his daughter just finished a PhD in microbiology. They have carefully studied the thousands of pages of regulations of 0bamacare, and , as practicing Catholics, they cannot abide with many immoral, even murderous, of those laws. Hence, he is leaving the practice of medicine in the USA. He also offered that he knew of more than 40 other MDs in his healthcare group of 135 MDs who were also leaving their jobs rather than be forced into providing abortions and committing euthenasia.

Hence, we face large increases of people coming into healthcare sites, while many of our phyicians and nurses leave. God help us.

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