Not ObamaCare, ACO instead

I am retired and on Medicare. found out several months ago that my clinic is now part of an ACO (AccountableCareOrganization). It seems that Mn is one of a few states that at this point in time allow creation of such entities. Accountable of course means accountable to Medicare, not to the physician and patient. Among other things, docs will be rewarded financially for providing quality care (with emphasis on cost reduction). Quality care, of course, as defined by Medicare bureaucrats. And penalized if they don’t provide quality care (again as defined by Medicare). Seems also that Medicare gets access to a patient’s total health care record. Strictly speaking ACOs are not part of ObamaCare(tho’ I think that they are authorized in the ObamaCare legislation). Still waiting to see what will happen to the cost/coverage of our Medicare supplemental insurance.

Obamacare Impacts:

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