Owned a private health business of 12 years in IL and WI, of consumer healthcare.

My story was my purpose and passion that ended in 2010 after Obama care signed in the Affordable Care Act. It crushed my life purpose and my business. I developed and started a a new innovative model of health delivery from 2004-2012,Alternative Health Associates, a franchise model type with hybrid health plans offered from $ 59-$159, which was thriving and was becoming successful on main street. We had an integrated system of health workers. We offered affordability, convenience, and choice. Our system saved the consumer money, it was a model that was less then insurance companies and less then free government plans of today. We did prevention, vs. sick care. We had an educational model and alternative medicines, prevention therapies, and nutraceuticals and common based solutions. Since 90% of our diseases are reversible and preventable this was our main focus on main street, educate first and reduce pharmaceuticals and sick care to less. As the CEO/Naturopath and Business Leader, I was a keynote speaker at the World Health Care Congress in 2009 and was welcomed by the innovative consumer side looking for alternatives and new models of care. Paul Keckley PHD reported that I was doing everything right on main street, but I would need to go with a BIG PLAYER to carry on. Others such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Universities were all there. I said I wanted an integrated model on every corner this is what people want. I worked on Paul Ryan’s Health Advisory Board also, to help guide WI to a health choice. My career ended when the Health Care Bill was signed in, and choice and freedom was taken from my clients, my employees and my dream of helping the consumer with a better way to new system. I am writing a book today, because since then I have been unemployable at 56 years of age. I am too a licensed dental hygienist, certified Oral Myologist and registered naturopathic doctor, but mostly was a person seeking to help others get healthy and find root causes to diseases. For my true story is a real true health story how I survived many illnesses and reversed them through alternatives not conventional medicines. In my 30’s I survived health issues a heart attack, cancer, car accident, fibromyalgia, heavy metal poising, encephalitis, etc…Also, was a conservative attacked I believe in 2009-10 in IL, and then lost my home in 2011 – government owned… and today, I survived the past 5 years… I am healthy active 56 year old who wants to get her message out through my 2015 book hope to get published this year. Much to share about the truth.

Obamacare Impacts: