Skewered–this is a tax!

Native of Minnesota my whole life. We were on Medical assistance in Mn for a family of 6. We made about 60,000.00 per year there.

We moved to North Dakota for spouse’s employment. His new job did not provide employee sponsored group health plan because of it being “too expensive” for the employer. My husband makes about $109K per year pre-tax. That is the first time in our life we have been able to somewhat “get ahead” with four children. Well, the first $14,47j2.00 of his yearly income goest to insurance premium for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota. We also have a yearly $2k family deductible. We pay $16,000 per year for “health care”. This is not “affordable health care”. Our monthly insurance premium is almost as much as our town home rental. This is awful. Our 18 year old is pregnant and so we have to have coverage for her and since she lives with us, the baby needs to be on our insurance too! I am sick over writing out my check for my premiums every month. It is totally cost prohibitive. I pray that this gets legislated out of existence soon.

Obamacare Impacts: ,

Premium Before Obamacare: 0.00

Premium After Obamacare: 14472.00