My doctor was complaining about the amount of paperwork, saying he has so much paperwork to do for Obamacare computer requirements that he didn’t have enough time with his patients. I told him I could tell a difference in his disposition. He is usually all smiles, with gentle, kindness oozing from him. That day, he was down-right grumpy, obviously stressed. He said if he didn’t comply with the “Obamacare system”, he’d have to pay 2% fine for all the office income. I said, “That’s no so much. Pay the fine, it’s not worth all this stress on you or me.” I think he thought he’d get in trouble big-time, if he refused to go along to get along.

My doctor said he could not prescribe medications or treatment for me without first getting permission from the Obamacare staff, none of whom were even doctors!!

Then in filling out stuff on the computer for the Obamacare requirements, he asked for my email address. I was aghast! I said, “NO! I’M NOT GIVING THEM THAT!” He typed in, while repeating aloud: “Patient refused to give her email address.”
I asked them if there was a place on that form asking if I was a Democrat or Republican, and he replied, “Not yet. and smiled.)

My daughter-in-law has her hours cut back to 29, thus losing her insurance coverage for herself, her husband, and her four kids.

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