Limited spine surgery

I was diagnosed with spinal stinosis of the lumbar region. I was scheduled for surgery that would include a fusion to place rods in my back for stability. 10 days before the surgery I was told NO I was not going to have a fusion. They would just remove some bones in the spine and punch holes in others and that would be all I would get. I had already given blood for the fusion that I no longer would get.
I had turned 75 yrs just 15 days before the surgery date and medicare would not approve the fusion. I was told I would need to loose 80 lbs after the surgery and I would be able to function walking and standing. I would only get what they allowed.

I am not a huge fat person by any means. I went to the medicare web site and saw that once you turn 75 the medicare board decides what surgery you get. It does not matter what your doctor thinks. These are the death panels that Obama says do not exist but they do. I also have the same health insurance as Congress has having worked for the govt 44 years. If Medicare won’t pay the other insurance will not pay a dime.

I have great difficulty walking now and fall often. I have to have a cane. It has drastically changed my life. I was not worth the fusion period. They do not even consider how long your family members live to an old age. They do not care if you live or die.This is a govt crime.

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