my feeling about ACA

1) My sister developed severe stomach pains last year. Had she not had ACA coverage, she would never have been able to see a doctor and would likely have died within a short time. 2) My son has a life threatening blood disorder since age 4. He has been receiving medical treatment for it but […]

The ACA has been a lifesaver for this Cancer Survivor.

I moved to WI in 2001, and discovered what a bunch of great regulations protected me when I bought health care in MN. In WI, insurance companies could pick and choose what they wanted to cover. Pregnancy – nope. Let’s penalize people for being female. They refused to cover treatment or meds for allergies, asthma, […]

BCBS plan monthly premium $1150 to $2015 monthly 2017

my husband and I retired in 2016. We are not medicare age yet and knew we would be paying for health insurance, but had no idea our premiums for 2017 would be as outrageous as they are. The lowest cost plan available to us will exceed 18% of our income. The plan available has a […]

Monumental increase in premium

My wife and I recently retired at ages 60 and 61. Only married a year, our combined incomes pushed us just over receiving any subsidy. This year (2016) we had a terrible BCBS policy through the exchange with a 6500 deductible at $1150 per month. The bronze plan of course. For 2017 we just found […]

health insurance more than home mortgage

Prior to the ACA my health insurance was 370.00 a month. My wife’s premium was 350.00. We are both self employed. As of January 1, 2017 my premium will be $854.00. My wife’s premium will be $989.00. My plan is grandfathered. If I attempted to buy this policy with a $1000.00 deductible on the exchange […]

coverage does not mean care

I have had health coverage through my husband’s workplace for 29 years (it’s no coincidence that I’ve been married for 29 years). Two weeks ago I got a notice from my husband’s employer that all spouses that are eligible for coverage through their own employer will be dropped from coverage. Let me tell you that […]

Retired at 67 but wife needed insurance

I am 67 years old and recently retired after 48 years with the same company. My wife is 58 years old. While I was working my employer sponsored health insurance for me and my wife was $277 per month or $3324 annually. My annual income before I retired was $103,000 and my wife did not […]

Widow with job with no benefits

I am a widow with an 19 yr old and a 16 year old. The 19 year old is in secondary school and does not work in town, we have livestock and he helps on my farm. I was told can only apply for his own plan if he is either married or in the […]

I am just over the cusp to get any tax credits

I am 30 years old. I have an associates degree in liberal arts and I am a certified nurse assistant. I have had 2 jobs the past few years, both of which are cash jobs. I take care of an elderly man as a C.N.A and on the weekend I deliver groceries. I work 55 […]

denial of service

Degenerative muscle wasting disease not covered. Obama Care doesn’t car about us because there isn’t enough people with this disease to waste money on us. thanks for nothing!

Higher premiums with higher deductible

Two years ago I switched jobs, employer offers insurance package thru Blue Cross. I pay approximately $10,800 in annual premiums, with a deductible for each my wife and I of $6,500. We did not qualify for Minn Care. With increasing health insurance costs, it is very tempting to drop coverage.

New Hampshire Hospital staff and salary cuts

I was in New Hampshire a few days ago. At a picnic a doctor’s husband said his wife has had a significant cut in salary, She is working more hours and making less money. The clinic she works in, which I think is related in some way to the local hospital is no longer making […]

Doctors in public/municipal hospitals.

There’s a lack of better doctors in publicc/municipal hospitals and of those they have, are of Middle-Eastern(Arabs), Asians(Indian/Bangladesh/Pakistan) and African(Africa) stock. Most of these kinds are less than ideal and have language barriers. Public/Municipal hospitals cite diversity as the reason they recruit these kinds, and while some people have no problems with these clinicians, not […]

no longer qualified

In 2014 we retired and sold a property that had been for sale for several years. We did not settle until the end of Dec 2014, but the income from the sale blew our income out of the qualified range. When our accountant filed the return for 2014 the software would not fill in the […]

Premium increased over 200%; Customer Service Abysmal

We have gone through a series of premium increases since Obamacare started being enforced in our state. In 2013 (pre-Obamacare), our yearly premium was $2160. The last renewal took us to $4992. This is for a “bronze” plan with the highest possible deductible allowed. We avoid the government marketplace because we do not qualify for […]

Free clinic volunteers losing patients to treat

I am a health care professional and have been a free clinic volunteer for the past 5 years. Over the past year, we have been seeing fewer and fewer patients each week. We went from closing the doors after 20 patients to as few as 5-6 patients showing up a day. There have even been […]

Affordable Care Act made my insurance unaffordable.

Insurance Update. As I’ve let everyone know, my family’s BlueCross BlueShield insurance plan that was supposed to be grandfathered under Obamacare ends on 12-31-2015. We met with our Insurance Agent November 4, 2015 and an inferior HSA qualified policy with a 400% higher deductible would cost our family nearly $30,000 (insurance+deductibles) annually out of pocket! […]

Choices? There are no choices!

I am self-employed and consequently have been self-insured for years. Even though I’m far from wealthy I have always been responsible and never not been covered. I could always find an inexpensive policy to meet my needs be it short term, hospitalization only, or with a high deductible. I got my current policy just before […]

Cost and deductibles almost tripled.

My insurance premium costs almost tripled as well as the deductible almost tripled. My choices in plans came down to about 3 due to the fact that either one or none of my doctors were on any of the other plans. I did not want to have to change one or any of my doctors […]

family of 6 without insurance…can’t get it now

Open enrollment at my current employer was end of oct-mid nov. I made my elections to be the same as last year, including my health coverage for me and my family through BCBS. As far as I knew all was well until I used my card on Feb.1st for my daughters seizure meds…denied. 1st called […]