my feeling about ACA

1) My sister developed severe stomach pains last year. Had she not had ACA coverage, she would never have been able to see a doctor and would likely have died within a short time.
2) My son has a life threatening blood disorder since age 4. He has been receiving medical treatment for it but will likely need a bone marrow transplant in the next year or two (when he’s age 26-27). With ACA, he could be covered under my insurance until he was 26 and could not be denied coverage due to pre-existing condition. If ACA is repealed, and these benefits go away, he will likely die within a short period of time. He is not able to work more than part time and the likelihood of finding an employer who covers health insurance for part time employment is very slim.
3) My son used to be treated a Children’s Hospital. Many patients came in who did not have health insurance because their employer could not offer it. Of course, no one can afford to purchase health insurance.
4) My cousin never had health insurance because she was self employed and could not afford it. When she had a stroke, she went on medicaid for a little while. Since she was on medicaid, very little was done for her treatment-wise. If ACA would have been available, she could have purchased it and had much better care.
Its very sad to see people write off ACA for the reasons you have listed above. Even if premiums increase, it’s still better than getting a $5000 bill when you go to the ER. At least sick people are being helped. Many people don’t care if there is some huge choice in plans. Just the fact that they don’t have to worry as much when they get sick is the best thing.

Obamacare Impacts: