New Hampshire Hospital staff and salary cuts

I was in New Hampshire a few days ago. At a picnic a doctor’s husband said his wife has had a significant cut in salary, She is working more hours and making less money. The clinic she works in, which I think is related in some way to the local hospital is no longer making a profit.

The next day I was in a different part of the state at a fast food restaurant. A lady in line mentioned to the cashier who she knew that she had been laid off from her nursing job at the local hospital after 20 years. The cashier said her mom had been laid off from the same hospital as a nurse after 30 years. They made her sign a paper saying she would not sue the hospital in order to get part of her severance package. Her mom now works 3 jobs because her dad is no longer able to work.

With staffing and salary cuts I wonder how long you have to wait before you see a doctor at the ER and I wonder about the impact on quality of care if you are a patient in the hospital.

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