I am just over the cusp to get any tax credits

I am 30 years old. I have an associates degree in liberal arts and I am a certified nurse assistant. I have had 2 jobs the past few years, both of which are cash jobs. I take care of an elderly man as a C.N.A and on the weekend I deliver groceries. I work 55 hours a week. My income is 32k a year, before taxes. And yes even though I am paid in cash, I do report my earnings and pay my taxes.

Well basically, I haven’t bothered to get insurance because it costs too much. The cheapest plan in Illinois as of right now is $240 a month and that only covers 60%. While that may not sound like much, it is when you consider I have other bills to pay for. And the kicker is, I don’t qualify for medicaid or any tax credits because I am healthy and according to the government I’m too “rich” to get any tax credit. I didn’t know 32k a year before taxes is really wealthy. It was news to me too.

So I have chosen to be without insurance these past few years. I have paid the fines. Last year my fine was $630, which was an increase over the previous year. They are saying the penalty is going to raise again so I am expecting $900 next year.

I agree with Democrats on certain issues more than I do Republicans, however, it baffles me when Democrats claim the ACA is a success.

Obamacare Impacts: