Widow with job with no benefits

I am a widow with an 19 yr old and a 16 year old. The 19 year old is in secondary school and does not work in town, we have livestock and he helps on my farm. I was told can only apply for his own plan if he is either married or in the military. I work off the farm but do not have any benefits. This summer I encountered mental health issues and have not worked much since. I did get admitted to a behavioral medicine unit for 2 days but it was out of network and now I have a $5,800 on top of $770 a month and medications. I looked into Christian health care which is significantly more affordable and the deductible is a fraction of what I have but I will be penalized by the IRS 2.5%, which ends up to be almost $2,500…I am sinking and afraid I may be forced to liquidate some of my family farm for insurance that is worthless. I have been trying to buy my Dad’s farm for over 20 years and have mortgage payments. None of the tax laws take this into consideration…please help me, I am drowning

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Premium Before Obamacare: 210.00

Premium After Obamacare: 4102017600.00