coverage does not mean care

I have had health coverage through my husband’s workplace for 29 years (it’s no coincidence that I’ve been married for 29 years). Two weeks ago I got a notice from my husband’s employer that all spouses that are eligible for coverage through their own employer will be dropped from coverage. Let me tell you that this felt like a kick in the gut. When we asked the company why, the answer was that the ACA allowed it. As far as I can tell, the plan that my office offers is not accept by my Doctor. So I made an appointment to see her and figure out what to do. Long story short: I will become a cash patient and the money that I and my employer are forced to pay for the health insurance coverage that I neither want nor need is wasted.

My costs for coverage have now tripled: my husband pays once for himself, I pay once for myself and I now pay again in cash when I actually need care so that I can practice that big lie” If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor”

To make matters worse: our 2 children aged off of the policy because they graduated college and Medical School, so in May, one premium covered all 4 of us. In July that same premium will cover only 1 my husband.

Will I submit and lose my excellent Doctor? I’ll be damned and will go down fighting!

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