Cost and deductibles almost tripled.

My insurance premium costs almost tripled as well as the deductible almost tripled. My choices in plans came down to about 3 due to the fact that either one or none of my doctors were on any of the other plans. I did not want to have to change one or any of my doctors so I am FORCED to pay for a more expensive plan with higher deductibles, less options and much higher costs all the way around, The only good news at this point I that I am a relatively healthy 56 year old and have not needed any surgeries or had a serious illness or injury YET to test how much will be covered should a serious need arise. The information and aggravation of having to deal with the healthcare exchange is almost unbearable and terribly burdensome and the fact that every few months I have to “reapply” or provide the exact same information over and over and over again. This is utterly frustrating and the people you talk with on the phone are, for the most part, not helpful in their assistance with any questions or concerns one may have.

This “president” MUST BE STOPPED and every word, comma, period, number, or other punctuation or symbol must be repealed and replaced with something that is truly beneficial for the patient!

Thank you for your wisdom, your knowledge and your willingness to enlighten and help Americans, mostly Christian Americans I am sad to say, to become aware of what is happening with our healthcare.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry to so many.

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Premium Before Obamacare: 2400.00

Premium After Obamacare: 6800.00