ObamaCare is NOT “Affordable”

Notified by Blue Cross Blue Shield that our current High Deductible Major Medical Plan, for use with HSA, will no longer be available, because it does not meet the requirements of ObamaCare. New comparable plan, that does meet requirements is available with a premium increase of $600/month!!! 🙁 $7200/yr more because of ObamaCare. Affordable Care Act indeed!!! It is NOT the insurance companies fault that the premiums are going up. They have to increase the price to cover all these lousy new requirements and expenses of ObamaCare! Otherwise they will just have to go out of business and let the Government take over with a Socialized Medicine Program, which will be even WORSE!!…. Oh wait!! That’s what Obama, Reed, Pelosi and ALL their ILK want anyway!! RESIST THE COLLECTIVE!! REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW!!! We need NATIONWIDE FREE MARKET Healthcare options!! God helps us…

Obamacare Impacts: ,

Premium Before Obamacare: 5484.00

Premium After Obamacare: 12452.00