Employer insurance covers minimum “preventative maintenance”, that’s ALL!

Actually my employer’s insurance does NOT EVEN COVER ALL PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE! I, at my age of 56, need a colonoscopy, THAT is not even covered, although, at my age, it is considered “preventative maintenance”. . . so pay all those premiums, FOR WHAT? Instead of paying ANY premiums AT ALL, I can pay my own “preventative maintenance”, including my own mammograms. . .it sure is cheaper than paying ALL THOSE premiums. . .and on top of the premiums THE DEDUCTIBLE! The deductible I have never ever met, to be even ABLE TO USE THE INSURANCE! COME ON, WHOSE MAKING MONEY HERE. . .yes the insurance companies, but also the government in more taxes on all what the insurance companies are making NOW, WITH CARELESS,OBAMACARE!

Obamacare Impacts: