My name is Amy and I’m a single mother of 2 girls living in TN. I have some serious issues with the quoted subsidies from in comparison to the calculations by the IRS for the subsidies and that CAN NOT tell me what my enrollment application has as my income.

I enrolled with in April 2014. I supplied my income based on my 2013 tax return. When I received all my info for the end of the tax season, I realized that instead of the $74 a month subsidy I was promised, I was only afforded $10 a month and had to repay the difference.

I placed a call to (1-29-15) to check and see what the income was that was reported on the 2014 application. To insure that I had not inputted the wrong amount. I was then informed that that income info was not on my application. I was stunned! So I asked, you auto-enrolled me for 2015, so what is my income reported on that application. She again informed me that that information was not on my application. And proceeded to DELETE MY APPLICATION for 2015. I found this out when I went back to website. I proceeded to try and fill another one out to see what my subsidy would be with my income from last year. It came back with $64 (instead of the $74), which is understandably considering I made $1500 for the year. HOWEVER, this IS NOT WHAT is being calculated through the IRS. The IRS is using a different calculator to figure the subsidies and the subsidies through are being inflated to get you sign up, but when it comes time for taxes, you don’t receive what was quoted and I had to pay $463 back of the $666 I was supposed to have received. Yet, they can not tell me what my income was reported as.

In the “private sector”, if I provide a quote to a customer and everything is fulfilled by all parties, and I charge a HIGHER price for the service….I can be SUED …THIS is what is happening with….Gave me a quote for my subsidies, I fulfilled my consumer obligations (didn’t have to report any life changes because there were NONE) and yet they are not honoring the QUOTE…..

I contacted my state Senator, who has been representing me with the IRS, HHS,, and the TN Insurance Commission…and as of yet, no one can tell me what was reported on my application for the income. IF, they can’t even tell me what is reported…then how is it I had to pay almost all of the subsidies back, as a penalty?

If a BANK can’t prove what the loan amount is for….then their contract is null and void. IF they can’t tell me the income? How can they make me pay the subsidies back? I have been at the same job for TEN YEARS, I have been making the SAME money for FIVE YEARS…I haven’t had a change in marital status, dependency, residence….

I’m looking into other civil actions I can take, I’ve spent HOURS and DAYS on the phone with all these agencies….Can someone help me navigate what I can do?

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