Insurance refusals

A pituitary tumor was found over a year ago, which is now created a bleed. Yet due to the fact I have some pituitary function and my other endocrine organs are only diminishing in function at a “reasonable” rate I have been refused not by doctors but by the insurance to allow the neurosurgeon to remove it. Reasons given it is not large enough, these do not present immediate danger.

My family history including my father brain cancer his two sister to which one has passed in 2009 from brain cancer.

I am losing vision due to the bleed and it pressing on my optical nerve. Yet, thank you affordable care act no I am not allowed to have it removed now, we have to wait for there to be greater risk to my health and possible lose all of my vision.

WHY???? because insurance not my medical team. This was the appointment discussion this morning. This is not the first time either I had to fight for other surgeries over the course of the last two years. I will say the RN case manager I have at the insurance company fights for me but it is ridiculous that this is the process we have to take.

Obamacare Impacts: