Limited and rationed healthcare.

Because of circumstances that I have no control over, I get government aid and am on Medicaid. Only it’s not Straight or Fee-For-Service Medicaid. It’s the privatized Medicaid aka, Medicaid Managed Care(HMO). Problem with this over Straight Medicaid, is Medicaid Managed Care/HMO, is restrictive, healthcare is rationed and a PCP(Primary Care Provider) have to be chosen, with enrollment in the plan. Only enrollment is isn’t voluntary. It’s MANDATORY! And if the enrollee doesn’t choose a plan, one the enrollee doesn’t like, is chosen for them. In New York, they call it Medicaid Choice. A choice is something that a person does of their own free will, not something forced on them. Now there are options for seniors, but not for those 64 years and under. Those options are enrolling in PPO plans, which although it is recommended the enrollee choose a PCP, it is not a requirement for enrollment. Referrals to specialists are needed with Medicaid Managed Care/HMO and healthcare is limited and rationed. With PPO plans, referrals aren’t needed to see a specialist and healthcare is unlimited. Why those of us 64 years and under get the same options as those 65 and over? Why does it have to be HMOs and not have the option of enrolling with a PPO? We should be afforded that right, too!

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