Our policy was terminated without warning 5 weeks before my c-section.

We enrolled for Obamacare as required by law in January 2014. Like most people we spoke with, our premium was higher for less coverage then we previously had on our own. I was pregnant in March so we were using the coverage every month for prenatal care. Five weeks before my scheduled c-section in November we discovered our policy had been terminated. We had no notice or warning from the Marketplace. We found out when checking on a claim with Blue Cross. The explanation given to us by the Marketplace was they could not verify our citizenship. So after 9 months of using the insurance, they have our social security number and our tax information but couldn’t verify we were US citizens. It took 18 hours total in phone calls between the idiots at the Marketplace and our Blue Cross case worker to get it fixed just a few days before my son was delivered. Also, we had reached our $10,000 deductible before my surgery but it was lost because they couldn’t reinstate our old policy, but had to start a brand new policy. All of this was fixed just in time to re-enroll for new 2015 insurance. Four months into the new year, we found out our infant was dropped from our policy because they couldn’t verify his US citizenship. Serious, I’m not making this up. Now we are preparing for our 2016 premiums in NC to be at least 25% higher. Way to go all you morons in DC! This is so much more affordable and so much easier now that the government has control!

Obamacare Impacts: