Can’t keep Doc, less coverage, HUGE premium jump :(

I am both an Insurance adviser as well as an insurance consumer. As an adviser, I work for my clients…NOT the insurance companies.
This is very conflicting as from a purely selfish standpoint, I stand to benefit with this Forced enrollment and tax payer handouts. (I still get paid on every one of these policies)
My personal coverage has been affected greatly. My doctor is no longer going o be accepting insurance (citing cost pressures of Obamacare). My coverage has more gaps then previous(meaning more of the expense will come out of my pocket before the insurance company has to pay). AND my rates have nearly tripled for my family!!!!!
Adding in what the potential harmful affects will be (when you are forced to study the model, you will see MANY more “unintended” consequences are this intrusion on American citizens rights…by an ALL TOO POWERFUL Federal Government.
Studying this model has shown that THIS LAW ALONE will cost a projected $2 trillion to our Deficit over the next 10 years. It is already causes doctor shortages in two ways.
1. Influx of a huge amount of people feeling entitled to clogging up the wait rooms of ERs , hospitals and doc offices. (Study’s have shown the less knowledgeable they are on their health…the more they abuse the services)
2. Medical School enrollees are at an ALL TIME low. Doctors get into medicine because they want to help people…but they logically back up the time & money it takes to get their degree with the fact that it is a lucrative field (when done right). The money compression on reimbursements and rising Medical malpractice that is encouraged by this law…will doom our medical Care. (But we will ALL have Medical Insurance…just no docs to help cure us 😉

Welfare state. This law created huge increases in premiums and is supposed to be offset by taxpayer Subsidies which are funded by all the extra hidden taxes which cause the price of ALL our food, and other goods to spike! The logic is that Americans will give up freedoms and liberties …in order to get a Subsidy(which they are paying for anyway) and which the NEED WAS CAUSED BY OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!?!?!?!?

This is the ultimate Ponzi scheme and anyone that cares about this Nation…should demand it be shut down! (Bernie Madoff would be proud of Obama and these Democrats as he sits in his Jail cell)

Stop the insanity. Start supporting the people that are trying to be Responsible to our future generations.

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Premium Before Obamacare: 475

Premium After Obamacare: 1189