Headaches, higher premiums, additional administration & implementation costs

I am the benefits administrator for the small business I work for.
Our premiums increased by 25% this year.
We are a low risk group and generally see increases between 5-10% annually.
I was informed by our insurance provider, they can no longer take risk into consideration when calculating premiums (part of the new law).
My employer is generous with the business contribution to our coverage, but it is a flat dollar amount, so any increases above and beyond that amount impacts each employee that is enrolled.
The rate table is based on age. The older you are, the greater your cost.
Even if the employer contribution covers most of the employee’s premium, add a spouse and/or children and your contribution is easily $1000 per month or more. (Age 50 “new” premium is $600 per month, 2 children $520 per month)

We were also required to serve notices to each employee to let them know the exchange is available; and are required to do so with every new hire (regardless of their status or if they will qualify for benefits) in the future.

The language on the healthcare.gov website is confusing in regards to the mandates. I found 2 different answers to the same question. One indicated the “minimum value standard” requirement to be no more than 9.5% of an employee’s W2 earnings; the other said no more than 9.5% of household income.

Obamacare Impacts: , , ,

Premium Before Obamacare: 3803.52

Premium After Obamacare: 4701.12