Plan cancelled, premiums for new plan higher.

My family and I are mostly healthy. We had a catestrophic-only plan that allowed us to contribute to an HSA in order to pay for routine healthcare, but any truly severe illness would be covered by our catestrophic plan.

This plan cost us about $350 per month. After obamacare, that plan was declared illegal and cancelled. We were literlly notified that our plan “did not comply with the act”. So that was gone.

The nearest replacement was a “bronze plan” that still allowed HSA contributions, but not provided a bunch of nonsense that we didn’t need – like maternity coverage for our 9-year old. For the privilege of having that, and a a much higher $6000 deductible now, we got our premiums increased to $800.

I am ashamed to admit it, but that was such an increase that we went to “Covered California” in order to get the plan through there, solely so that we could get a subsidy to offset that. After the subsidy, our plan is back down to $380, which is almost where we started. However, in order to do that, I had to give the communist state a great deal of personal information, as well as access to my tax returns and whatever else they want – to to offset a huge premium increase that was their fault in the first place. It is only getting worse, since the premiums are now rising more every year.

All I want to do is to be able to buy a plan that only covers the very serious catestrophic things – I will pay everything else for myself. The problem is that even if I wanted to pay the “shared responsibility” penalty, and just go get a true catestrophic plan on my own that does not comply with obamacare, those plans are not availale anymore because they are illegal.

Why can’t a I go to an insurer and get a cheap plan that only pays if I get cancer, an amputation, stroke, or heart attack? Why can’t I save and pay for all the rest of my own care like a regular responsible person? Why do the members of congress think they know better for me? They have no business deciding any of this for anyone.

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Premium Before Obamacare: 350.00

Premium After Obamacare: 800.00