I’m one of the 6% that Obama sold to the insurance co.

I finally enrolled in Obama Care for 2 reasons:
1. Needed health insurance to receive medical assistance.
2. Fear of penalties for not having health insurance.

Because I am considered to be in the low income class, I received a fair amount of tax credits & was able to pick a reasonable insurance @ a pretty fair deductible. The first year was fine. The second year there was an increase from $170. to $177. There was an adjustment to what I would receive. The third year (when the penalty reached above $600. for not having insurance) the rates jumped to just below $500./month. Of course I had to decline because I could no longer pay the $177. My income dropped to $664./month & I have developed a life-threatening health condition. At first I was denied Medicaid. I was hospitalized with nothing to pay with. I had to sign many papers saying that I would be responsible for payment. Through the Providence based hospital I was put on a special Medicaid. Now I am finding that there are many doctors & clinics who will not accept Medicaid. I have been an extremely hard worker my entire life with very good health & due to situations out of my control, I have been cast aside as unnecessary baggage by the government, the church, & society. How fast we have progressed to such a low point & how much faster will be the decline of everything. Without the love and compassion of our Lord Jesus…we cannot exist.

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