My huband is retiring only choice of insurance Obama Care

My husband is retiring at the end of the year. When we went to an insurance agent to get medical insurance we were told we have two choice’s either Cobra for 18 months or Obamacare. My husband’s employer will carry our heath insurance until he has retired. We were given plans from Obamacare with deductibles as high as 12,600.00 with a monthly premium of 1,233.73. We asked is there any other way we could just get private insurance. He stated that we would have to be rich. The rich can just pay for their medical expenses. A private plan would be way out of our reach living on a pension. We were also told that we have a limited time to sign up for the insurance and if we did not, we would not be able to get medical insurance. We were also told that we most likely would not be able to keep our physicians. We were told once we signed up for this plan that we could not change it for a year. Whether we liked the plan or not we are stuck with it for a year. I was told to expect that my medical expenses because I am younger that my husband could be expected to reach up to 3,000.00 or more by the time I am eligible for Medicare. How could anyone possibly pay that amount on a pension. My husband and I are hard workers, married 41 years and have been blessed to be employed never having to depend on the government for anything. I can not express my disappointment with President Obama and his administration who has change a system that worked into a system that is worthless.

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Premium Before Obamacare: 0.00

Premium After Obamacare: 1652.00