Could not keep my current plan.

My employer could not “keep our current medical plan”. And Minnesota is not going to honor Unpresidential Obama’s “fix” to keep those previous plans. The changes resulted in horrible changes for me. I have Multiple Sclerosis and Coronary Artery Disease. I will now NOT be able to receive my MS medication nor 3 of my cardiac medications. They are not on “the formulary” (I guess the government gets to prescribe for me – not my doctor). My MS medication has kept me virtually relapse-free for over 10 years.
My cardiac medications barely balance my heart symptoms.
My previous out of pocket maximum used to be $3,750 with a $750 maximum prescription out of pocket, it would now be $5,350 with no maximum on prescription drugs.
I cannot afford over $550 per month to stay alive. The insurance broker even said I would be better off quitting my job (as a Registered Nurse), losing everything I own (including my house) and then apply for Medicaid! I WON’T do it!! See you at my funeral….

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