Employer insurance covers minimum “preventative maintenance”, that’s ALL!

Actually my employer’s insurance does NOT EVEN COVER ALL PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE! I, at my age of 56, need a colonoscopy, THAT is not even covered, although, at my age, it is considered “preventative maintenance”. . . so pay all those premiums, FOR WHAT? Instead of paying ANY premiums AT ALL, I can pay my own […]

Had to go back to work to get my wife Heathcare Coverage!

I am 73 years old, on Medicare and SS. My wife is 62 years old, Real Estate agent. The RE market is bad, cannot afford to sign up for Healthcare. I was forced to go back to work with a company that has benefits. The point I’m trying to make is that to get my […]

Prepaid premium 4 months, doctor stopped taking our insurance

We are in a small town with only one medical clinic. Wife retired as City Employee. City paid, as part of retirement benefits, our health insurance premium as well as a retirement check. Note: Health insurance premium is greater than retirement paycheck. December 2014, at an all-retirees meeting, City announced that increase in premiums due […]

Obamacare not providing care, transfers $billions to insurance companies?

Is it possible that an unintended outcome of Obamacare is that it has provided Americans with health insurance but not necessarily with healthcare and as a result is it possible Obamacare is transferring tens of $billions to insurance companies while providing little or no care? As a VITA volunteer, I have been helping low income […]

Insurance was taken away!

To begin with, I hardly make any money. I am a freelance writer, and that was my choice, so I don’t blame anyone for how little I make. However, I also believe in personal responsibility. So, I had my own insurance through Blue Cross/Blue Shield. It was not always easy, but I always kept up […]

Premium doubled & deductable increased.

I am a 60 year old single white male, non-smoker in excellent health. My employer-United AirLines, Houston, TX. Prior to January 1st 2014 (and for the previous 10 years), I had a “Build Your Own Plan” policy with “0” Deductable and 100% coverage-no Out Of Pocket. January 1st, 2014, (to “align” our corporate plans more […]

I lost my job and coverage and the plan we have to buy is exorbitant!

This is from the letter I sent to my congressional representative: Subject: Repeal of ObamaCare Dear Congressman Brooks, Health care insurance is something that, thankfully, my family and I have not historically had to worry too much about. Our health care has normally been provided by or heavily subsidized by my employer. However, due essentially […]

We are handicapped by drug formularies.

We are having medications denied that were previously authorized. We are being advised that we have to try three other drugs before they will authorize the drug that the prescription was written for. They are not taking into consideration that our medical records reflect the fact that we have taken these drugs before we found […]

Obamacare forced me out of my home

Obamacare helped me in no way. I had to leave my apartment and move back in with my parents after the new health care reform took a toll on my job. I was once able to work 39 hours a week as a part time employee and i was comfortable with what i could afford. […]

The story of those without a voice

After quitting my job to raise my children, I applied to several health insurance companies. All but one denied us, due to pre existing conditions. Kansas Blue Cross Blue Shield was the only insurance company to cover four healthy individuals. Our premium was over $1000, and increase more the next year. In 2014, we receive […]

Limited and rationed healthcare.

Because of circumstances that I have no control over, I get government aid and am on Medicaid. Only it’s not Straight or Fee-For-Service Medicaid. It’s the privatized Medicaid aka, Medicaid Managed Care(HMO). Problem with this over Straight Medicaid, is Medicaid Managed Care/HMO, is restrictive, healthcare is rationed and a PCP(Primary Care Provider) have to be […]

Health Care Premium more than doubles

My husband and I are in our 50’s and in good health. We own our own business and have individual health insurance. The policy we had before ObamaCare was a HSA catastrophic plan through BCBS. Our deductible was $10,000 for the family. Our new policy through BCBS has more than doubled and our deductible is […]

Individual Humana 160.00 mo. to 600.00 mo. ACA compliant.

Post COBRA purchased an individual plan for 2014 at a reasonable rate. (No preexisting conditions.) The new ACA compliant plan is about 300% higher. They said they do not offer any non-compliant plans. I understand there are only a couple of holes in the law. 1. Specific disease / malady insurance you can buy. Cheap […]

Obamacare saved my life.

Before Obamacare, I was very sick but I could barely pay for treatment due to the insurance company I was stuck with. My old insurance company considered it a “preexisting condition” so they refused to pay. With Obamacare, I can easily pay for my medications now, and that’s not the only reason why I am […]

A Hassle to Sign Up but Premiums Sharply Decreased

When MNSure went online in Minnesota, it was plagued with glitches. I was able to register online but unable to select a plan. I tried repeatedly to select a plan but the website wouldn’t let me. I finally called MNSure and was put on hold for about two hours before I gave up. Finally, in […]

No healthcare coverage after retirement.

I work for a world famous healthcare provider in Rochester. We strive to provide the best patient care in the world. I am proud of this and confident in the care provided for my own health care issues. This year my employer announced that, because of Obama Care, anyone retiring after 12/31/2014 will not have […]

choices I can’t make coverage I don’t need

I am loosing my employer based coverage I have had for 38 years because my plan is called substandard . The obamacare plan including the subsidy , or tax that some other poor working person has to pay to support me . Is still so expensive that it is not worth paying for, when I […]

Obama Care no longer allows good experience to hold down cost.

Under Obama Care, no longer can insurance companies price their policies based on prior experience. Like the old goal of Communism, everybody pays the same, whether they strive to be healthy, or smoke 3 packs a day and overeat to the point they are obese. Our 32 employees have tended to be healthy with one […]

Could not keep my current plan.

My employer could not “keep our current medical plan”. And Minnesota is not going to honor Unpresidential Obama’s “fix” to keep those previous plans. The changes resulted in horrible changes for me. I have Multiple Sclerosis and Coronary Artery Disease. I will now NOT be able to receive my MS medication nor 3 of my […]