My insurance premiums more than quadrupled!

I resent that I am forced to participate in any of the healthcare exchanges and/or subsidies. I resent that my premium has more than quadrupled since this disaster of a president came into power and the republicans lost their spines and moral centers. I resent that any insurance I participate in now may be paying […]

I’m one of the 6% that Obama sold to the insurance co.

I finally enrolled in Obama Care for 2 reasons: 1. Needed health insurance to receive medical assistance. 2. Fear of penalties for not having health insurance. Because I am considered to be in the low income class, I received a fair amount of tax credits & was able to pick a reasonable insurance @ a […]

Our policy was terminated without warning 5 weeks before my c-section.

We enrolled for Obamacare as required by law in January 2014. Like most people we spoke with, our premium was higher for less coverage then we previously had on our own. I was pregnant in March so we were using the coverage every month for prenatal care. Five weeks before my scheduled c-section in November […]

Lifesaving Epipen Unaffordable

My daughter and I both need epipens — the lifesaving medication used to prevent death from anaphylaxis due to severe allergies. This year our employer offered only high deductible plans. High or higher were the options. Premiums increased. Deductible skyrocketed. Plus we have to contribute several hundred dollars every pay period to the HSA account […]

Plan cancelled, premiums for new plan higher.

My family and I are mostly healthy. We had a catestrophic-only plan that allowed us to contribute to an HSA in order to pay for routine healthcare, but any truly severe illness would be covered by our catestrophic plan. This plan cost us about $350 per month. After obamacare, that plan was declared illegal and […]

67% rate increase 2015 to 2016 Plus Ded from $4 k to $13.5K

Amazing, I just received my 2016 Health insurance quote. 2015 $1,300 Month with $4 k deductible (Hard, Burt doable) 2016 increase of $868 per MOnth to $2,168 and Deductible increase to $13,500 (cannot do it!). This is crazy. They are forcing me not to work. ACA eliminated competition and escalated rates.

We now pay far more for insurance that provides less.

We could elect to spend the same amount in premiums that we paid prior to Obamacare and have catastrophic insurance, but as a health care provider who has spent 22 years tearing up my own body to care for others, this simply is no option.

Insurance refusals

A pituitary tumor was found over a year ago, which is now created a bleed. Yet due to the fact I have some pituitary function and my other endocrine organs are only diminishing in function at a “reasonable” rate I have been refused not by doctors but by the insurance to allow the neurosurgeon to […]

Skewered–this is a tax!

Native of Minnesota my whole life. We were on Medical assistance in Mn for a family of 6. We made about 60,000.00 per year there. We moved to North Dakota for spouse’s employment. His new job did not provide employee sponsored group health plan because of it being “too expensive” for the employer. My husband […]

My huband is retiring only choice of insurance Obama Care

My husband is retiring at the end of the year. When we went to an insurance agent to get medical insurance we were told we have two choice’s either Cobra for 18 months or Obamacare. My husband’s employer will carry our heath insurance until he has retired. We were given plans from Obamacare with deductibles […]

I was dropped from my wife’s insurance

I was dropped from my wife’s insurance which I had been on for 10 years or more. They just came out and told us that all spouses would be dropped because of Obamacare. I had to get insurance through my company which added about $340 to our cost of insurance. Our premiums went up about […]

Better Insurance Lower Premium

I went from $500.00 per month premium for $5000.00 deductible under Minnesota Comp to $442.00 premium per month for a $2000.00 deductible and no copay after the deductible is filled with MNSure. MNSure took patience to work through. It isn’t perfect but I have to say Thank You President Obama and Governor Dayton. I am […]

Limited spine surgery

I was diagnosed with spinal stinosis of the lumbar region. I was scheduled for surgery that would include a fusion to place rods in my back for stability. 10 days before the surgery I was told NO I was not going to have a fusion. They would just remove some bones in the spine and […]


I am a physician and I was disturbed profoundly by the crony nature of the system before Obamacare. When Obamacare mandated this cronyism–making it law–I had no choice but to quit providing health care within that system. But as a pediatric subspecialist, it is difficult to financially compete with subsidized crony health care programs. So […]

Pushed into Badger Care; The State Wants All Our Info

I was unmarried when my wife and I conceived. In some states, it would have been easier if we were “domestic partners.” We tried to sign up for the Health Exchange for each of us separately. Needless to say, the plan I used to get for $120/month now costs over $300. I’ll pay less with […]

I can’t afford it

I am a truck driver and this past December I had to quit working due to my own health problems. I was driving for an owner operator so I didn’t have insurance in the first place. The first thing I thought I would do was to try and get on the county healthcare, but that […]

Tax preparer disregards my statement “I can’t afford it’! Fined!

Went to local Community College where AARP representatives prepare your taxes for free. I pointed out to the AARP rep as she prepared my taxes, that it is obvious I could not afford OCare. She laughed and completed the return, telling me my fine would be well over $200. And added that there may be […]


My name is Amy and I’m a single mother of 2 girls living in TN. I have some serious issues with the quoted subsidies from in comparison to the calculations by the IRS for the subsidies and that CAN NOT tell me what my enrollment application has as my income. I enrolled with […]